Financial freedom for all

See, track, and manage your entire portfolio of crypto, stocks, and everything else with Lettuce

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Financial freedom for all

Gather, tag, and track your entire investment portfolio

With Lettuce you can manage your entire investment portfolio in one place with realtime market data on any asset from anywhere.

Add the investments you own, and see what they're worth right now.

Get realtime prices in your own currency.

Tag your accounts so you can understand your asset allocation.

Back up, store and sync your data securely.

All your assets, together at last

Lettuce covers the world of investing from Alabama to Zanzibar across every conceivable asset class with realtime pricing for stocks, ETFs, forex, commodities, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, and other digital assets. Our team is constantly working to add new data to our universal pricing engine. We even have support for Simoleans, Flurbos and other fictional currencies 🐉

Start building your wealth engine

Lettuce is free forever, with extra features for power users who choose a premium subscription. Download the app today and get cracking on your financial freedom plan.