What can you do with multiple portfolios?

What can you do with multiple portfolios?

New for Lettuce Subscribers: you can now create two (or more) portfolios, in different currencies, with their own accounts and tags.

We built this feature because you sent us messages like:

"Please add the ability to add multiple portfolios, for example to track my investments as well as my wife/children."

"There are some assets I think about in different currencies. My accounts in Europe I think about them in Euros. Some ETH tokens I think about in USD."

Multiple portfolio will help with both of these scenarios, as well as a bunch of other situations, like splitting up long-term and short-term investments, tracking your business's assets alongside your own, and however else you want to slice and dice your financial life.

Creating a new portfolio

You can create a new portfolio by opening the sidebar menu, tapping Portfolios, and then the "+" icon on the top-right, or the "Create new portfolio" button in the center.

You can give your portfolio any name you like, and choose the currency it's viewed in. You can see different portfolios in different currencies, and you can use different tags in each portfolio you add.

Once added, you can simply swipe left or right to switch between your portfolios.

You have to be a Lettuce Subscriber to create new portfolios.

Editing or deleting a portfolio

Edit a portfolio's name or currency by tapping on the pencil icon in the Subscribers menu.

You can also delete a portfolio from this menu. When you delete an account, all of the accounts in it are deleted to. Once a portfolio is deleted, this can't be undone.