On roadmaps and sofas (December 2019 update)

On roadmaps and sofas (December 2019 update)

Well, there goes 2019. Almost.

This was the first year of Lettuce being a real thing, and we're super proud of the progress made by our little team so far.

What we’ve been up to of late

Our newly expanded development team shipped some great features in the last month, including:

  • Imaginary currencies - the ability for you to see your Lettuce portfolio in your favourite sci-fi world currency, from Rick and Morty to The Sims 💰
  • Price history graphs - so you can see the past performance of your assets across a selection of timeframes.
  • Privacy mode - making it easier for you to show off your Lettuce app to your friends without revealing how much money you’ve got stuffed in your sofa. Or wherever.

We also added hundreds of new assets to our searchable database. We take our mission of pricing ANY asset in ANY currency very seriously, and are constantly working to add new things and their prices to Lettuce.

We also did a lot of work this month designing the architecture for the next generation of our product and thinking about how we can enable users to link their accounts at third-parties while still protecting their privacy and security.

We’re growing our user base slowly alongside our product, and being careful to get Lettuce right before we start pulling users in. That said, we're stoked to have welcomed over 2,300 new users to our Lettuce family in November 🙌

Coming up next

  • We’ve started work on allowing users to sign in to their Lettuce accounts, for more reliable backup and syncing across devices, while still preserving their privacy (not even we can see your data).
  • The ability for users to support us by signing up for a small monthly subscription.
  • Multiple portfolios in Lettuce, so that you can split up your investments in ways that make sense to you and yours.

You can check out our feature roadmap at any time.

We're building Lettuce in the open and are committed to transparency in everything we do. This means bringing our users with us from the beginning as we build the product, and exposing the good, the bad, and the ugly of how things like Lettuce take shape. We'll always publish our product roadmap, analytics, and financials publicly, and expect our community of shareholders, users, and supporters to tell us what they think about everything we're doing.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us on our mission to open up the world of money. We can't wait to kick things up a notch in 2020.