Of virtual hangouts and online communities (May 2020 update)

Of virtual hangouts and online communities (May 2020 update)

Take a breath, folks: we've made it through 39% of 2020. Although I think we all agree that this year doesn't really count, right?

Here in Lettuce-land, we've been hard at work (from our kitchen tables/couches/home-offices) on some things we're really excited to share with you.

Version 3.0 - a faster, fresher Lettuce

It's finally ready! Lettuce 3.0 is live in the app stores and on your phones. Version 3 might not look very different, but we've rebuilt the app from the ground up to be even more stable, even more secure, and faster.

The big change you'll see is that you can now create an account to sync your data across devices, or restore your portfolio if you lose your phone. This also opens the door to future features we're excited about, like shared portfolios.

We owe our alpha and beta testers a special word of thanks. They've spent the past couple of weeks test-driving the new app and helping us iron out the last few problems. We hope we've caught all the bugs, but if you find any more, please let us know!

The Lettuce community

We've created a new community space where you can ask questions, get updates and join conversations with the rest of the Lettuce community. This is an open space where you can chat to our team directly.

We'd love you to use this space to tell us how we can make Lettuce a better product for you. What are the features you wish we had? What could be better about the app today? Our users have already started chats around seeing different assets in different currencies and linking your favourite investment platforms to keep Lettuce updated automatically.

We'll also be publishing updates about what we're working on, the status of our roadmap, and other goings-on in our business. We're also hoping to try out some virtual video hangs where you can chat to us face-to-face.

We're really serious about our intention of building the investment manager app of YOUR dreams, so we love your feedback. Pop on over and join the conversation!

Six week cycles

We're trying something new about how we work: challenging ourselves to focus on just a handful of projects over a 6 week period. We hope that this time and focus constraint will be energizing for our team, and help us to take bold steps forward in our product.

This experiment is inspired by how Basecamp works. The idea is not to try to work through a backlog of tasks or commit to shipping a certain number of features (because after all, who can actually predict how long a piece of software will take to build until you start building it?), but rather to focus the team on shipping just a couple of meaningful features. How much the team ships of each feature is up to the developers, but we commit to doing whatever we can in the time allocated.

We're calling our first 6 week period "Arugula" (because that's one of our favourite types of Lettuce). In this cycle, we're taking in three big stories: Subscriptions, Multiple Portfolios, and a New Onboarding Flow. You can read all about what we're building over here.

From all of us here at Team Lettuce, we hope you're hanging in there (and not fretting too much over the state of your investment portfolio).

Some of the Lettuce team, hanging out on Zoom