Meet the team: Aviwe Ngqukumba (software developer)

Meet the team: Aviwe Ngqukumba (software developer)

We're doing little interviews with the members of our team. First up is Aviwe, our self-improvement obsessed software developer :)

What's your job at Lettuce? Software Developer. I am responsible for pretty much all software development work, from building new features to fixing bugs on both the back-end and front-end (web and mobile).

What did you do before joining Lettuce? Before Lettuce, I was a full stack software developer at DeveDream Digital. I then attended a software development boot camp called Codex.

What would constitute a perfect day for you? Getting all my plans for a day done and still have time left to be spontaneous.

Your house, containing everything you own, catches fire. After saving your loved ones and pets, you have time to safely make a final dash to save any one item. What would it be? My backpack. No backpack, no work getting done.

What are some special skills you have?

  • Conversation recall
  • Empathy

What's your beverage of choice? A Heineken. A cold one.

What's one really cool thing you've done (please brag shamelessly)? Made some unlikely decisions like joining a girls-only coding program, which played a big part in me being a software developer today.

What excites you about working at Lettuce? Freedom (but it comes with the great responsibility of self management).