Growing Lettuce

Growing Lettuce

Lettuce started with a dream to upgrade money and make investing more inclusive and open. We imagined what would happen if you could build a wealth-generating machine that made money for you while you did other things, and unlocked financial freedom so that more people could experience life without the crushing stress of worrying about money. This is what drives us and defines our business.

Today Lettuce is a humble portfolio app with the ability to track assets from anywhere in your currency of choice. Tomorrow we want it to give you superpowers.

Why we started Lettuce
We’re passionate about financial freedom and wealth creation, but couldn’t find a tool that aligned with our values and investment goals or realities. There are great portfolio trackers that only do cryptocurrencies, awesome investment apps that only do equities, and useful information resources that are specific to particular markets. Nothing matched our needs as investors, so we decided to build something for ourselves.

Modern investors have diverse, global portfolios that include digital assets, equities, commodities, funds, and other things, but are stuck with spreadsheets for keeping track of everything, and laborious manual processes for moving money around. What we wanted was an IFTTT for money. Something that would track all our assets, allow us to set rules for how we invest, and place our portfolios on autopilot.

We also want wealth and investing to be inclusionary. We believe that there is a path for anyone, no matter who or where they are, to get to financial freedom and not have to lose sleep about money. We want Lettuce to be the tool that unlocks this.

Where we began
In developing a roadmap for building Lettuce it became obvious that we had to first understand the whole financial world and how everything in it interacts. This means being able to price any asset against any other; cryptocurrencies to dollars, digital assets to company shares - we wanted a universal pricing engine that brings it all together, like Google Translate does for languages. We set out to find something like this that we could plug Lettuce into, but we discovered that no such pricing engine exists. So we built one ourselves. We call it Appia, and it’s growing into the heart that pumps data through Lettuce.

Since we had a pricing engine for almost any asset on the planet, we decided to build a front-end that would allow people to access that data in a beautiful way and use it to track their portfolios, and so the first version of the Lettuce app was born and launched into the App Store and Google Play in 2019. But that was just the beginning.

What comes next
With our universal pricing engine up and running and the first version of an app in stores, the next step is to start connecting Lettuce to the many financial and other services that our customers use to buy, sell and store assets. We’re currently in the process of building the first API integrations for Lettuce so that it will be able to pull in data automatically, and one day transact with those systems.

Our dream is for Lettuce to become that wealth-generating machine that you can connect to your assets, and place your portfolio on autopilot. We also want to contribute to more people becoming financially independent, earning “while they sleep” and being able to live the lives they want, without having to make bad decisions because of money.

We recently launched The Lettuce Community platform where anyone can sign up and interact with the Lettuce team and users who are co-creating our product with us. Feedback from our users, and testing new ideas with them is key to how we build Lettuce.

We look forward to combining our pricing engine, app, customer feedback, and APIs into a Megazord of wealth generation.

Building a sustainable business
How we run our business is as important to us as what we’re building. We want Lettuce to be a sustainable business that delivers value to its users. We’re fans of businesses that are transparent about their operations and values, are committed to being rewarded for creating value, and not building for a quick exit.

This is why we’re excited to have just launched in-app subscriptions so that our users can help us to fund our business by paying a small price for using Lettuce, so that we aren’t making bad decisions because of money as a company, and have a way to honestly measure the value that we’re delivering with our product and community. Subscriptions align our incentives with our users’: we make a profit when you find our product valuable. It’s an idea that is as simple as it is old, but one that we think too many tech businesses forget.

We’ve just started on the Lettuce journey and already have thousands of customers who have joined us for the ride. The world is a crazy place right now, but our company and product is helping us make sense of it - the money side, anyway. We’re incredibly grateful to be here now, working on this dream, and excited to show you what’s in store for Lettuce.