On push messages and mountain trolls (July 2020 update)

On push messages and mountain trolls (July 2020 update)

It's been a fun month in Lettuce-land, bunnies! On the 13th of July, we started our next sprint for the year, which we're calling Rocket (after the type of lettuce, not the space-ship). The team has been hard at work building a feature that we think could be a true game-changer for how you manage your finances: routines.

Automate your money

We've always hoped that Lettuce will ultimately be the app that lets you put your investing on autopilot. Today, managing your money is a hassle. Most of the time, people have to keep their financial strategy straight in their minds, and have to remember to execute their plan manually. There's no easy way to set down simple "money recipes" or strategies for ourselves, and to easily keep track of them.

We want to allow you to set up easy "if this, then that" routines to help you keep your investing strategy on track. One day, once we've added full account integration with all of your favourite investing platforms, we hope that these routines will actually move your money for you automatically, if you want. But as a first step, we're building simple alerts to help you stay on track.

We imagine users setting up notifications like:

  • Alert me when my #crypto tag is > 10% of my portfolio value (and tell me what fiat value I'd have to sell to get back to 10%)
  • Alert me every month on the 5th if the balance of my emergency fund is > R10,000
  • Alert me if the price of AAPL.US goes above R9,000
  • Once a month, tell me what percentage I am towards my financial independence number.

We'd love your thoughts on how we can make this feature work how you want it to, so that you can set up the routines that would make your money life simpler. Pop on over to our community, where you can see the work-in-progress designs and join the conversation.

Other  things happening in Lettuce-land

  • A lot of you emailed us to say that you were finding the rounding rules in Lettuce confusing, especially when it comes to crypto assets. We've simplified our rules about how many decimal places we show in the app in our latest release. We'd love to hear if they're working better for you, or if there are any other improvements we can make.
  • We've also been adding new stocks and crypto assets to our assets database as we fund them, and handled recent share code changes for Tuas Limited (TUA.ASX) and Nikola Corporation (NKLA.NASDAQ).
  • As a team, we're always trying out new ways to stay connected while working remotely. Recently, we've been doing that by playing the game Small World, a digital adaptation of the iconic board game, where you try to control territory with magical races (including ridiculous ones like Flying Dwarves and Pillaging Skeletons).
  • We're hosting our first "Ask us anything" user chat in August. If you'd like an invite, sign up on our forum and you'll get an email invite when they go out. We'd love to meet you!