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Lettuce is reimagining how people interact with their investments. With the beta app today, you can see any asset, in any currency, no matter where it is. Keep track of your net worth in one place with real time pricing updated automatically.

Download the app and explore for yourself. We would love your feedback and suggestions as you do!

Lettuce launched in August 2019. Here's a timeline of our major milestones.


In the future, we aim to build tools to let you automatically rebalance your portfolio, buy and sell your investments according to the rules that you set on your prefered platform, or discover investment strategies through the community.

We’ve been getting your feedback about the Lettuce open beta app for a few months now, and we’re so excited about the future of our business. With this feedback we have developed a clear roadmap of features that will make Lettuce the portfolio management app our users dream of.

Now it's time to ramp things up, so we’re selling shares in our business to raise the money to build our next batch of features, and to start marketing Lettuce to the wider world.

About this investment round

We’ve decided that the way to do grow our business, that aligns best with our values, is equity crowdfunding. Lettuce’s goal is ultimately to democratize the world of investing, and we love that this form of fundraising feels accessible and fair and transparent, and that it means that we can focus on delivering value for regular people.

Soon, we’re going to be listing our business on Crowdcube, the UK’s largest crowdfunding platform. You’ll be able to buy shares in our business from as little as £10. Pre-registering means you’ll have the chance to buy shares before we open the round to the public.

What's the business model?

Our users have told us that the tools they’re most excited about are shared portfolios, and more detailed graphs and insights so they can understand their investments better. We’re going to bundle these most-requested features into a Premium version of our product, with a small monthly subscription.

We plan to always offer a free version, but will also continue to add more advanced features to build our premium subscription business model.

Who can invest?

Crowdcube is a UK crowdfunding platform but you do not need to be a UK based resident to invest.

There are a few limitations though, you can read the full details here.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or if there is anything limiting your ability to invest.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. We don’t suggest that you invest more than a small proportion of your overall portfolio. Please Invest Aware.