How to set up a custom notification

🛎 PING! What was that? Your phone buzzing to let you know that the price of your favourite asset has just dropped? Or that you've just hit a savings goal? Or that your #high-risk investments are now over 5% of your portfolio, and it's time to rebalance?

That's right! Lettuce now lets you set up sophisticated custom alerts for almost anything. You'll get your alerts via push messages.

Here's how:

  1. You'll find custom alerts under the "Routines" menu in the sidebar. We're calling them routines, because in the future, we hope you'll be able to do a lot more than just get an alert when one of your conditions is met.
  2. Use one of our popular templates, or get started with a fresh new routine.
  3. Choose when you want an alert sent to you. You can set up alerts based on almost anything in Lettuce: your overall portfolio total, the price of a specific asset, the value of an account, or the % of a tag. You can even compare different accounts or assets to each other, for instance, getting an alert if the value of silver ever matches the value of gold!
  4. You'll get a push message on your phone if your condition is ever met!

Anyone can create a routine in Lettuce, but you'll need to be a subscriber if you'd like more than one.

You can also quickly set up a price alert routine on any asset by tapping the little bell next to "current price" on any account detail screen.

Our community is using routines for all sorts of things, including:

  1. Setting up price alerts to buy or sell assets at favourable times.
  2. Making sure that your portfolio sticks to a desired asset allocation; for instance, you could set up an alert to tell you if less than 50% of your portfolio is made up of #stocks.
  3. Celebrating when they reach a target net worth number, or a specific investing goal on an account.

We hope your phone greets you with lots of happy pings soon 😘