Wanted: Design Freelancer with a knack for simplifying complex UIs

Are you a design freelancer with app experience? Obsessed with UX design and simplifying complex ideas? Interested in how we can make the world of money easier for regular people to understand? Do you have an organised brain and a secret love for designing charts and data and lists? Are you self-motivated and hate being micromanaged?

You might be the design freelancer we're looking for.

Who we are

Lettuce lets DIY investors ditch their spreadsheets, and keep track of their assets in a simple, intuitive app.

We offer real time market data from Alabama to Zanzibar, on the Blockchain or in your sock-draw, including ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, and just about anything else. Lettuce will provide you with up-to-date information about your assets, no matter what or where they are and keep track of their value in any currency you like.

Longer term, we're building tools to let you automatically rebalance, buy and sell your investments according to the rules that you set on your prefered platform, or discover investment strategies through the community.

Basically, we're a group of weirdos who are passionate about fintech and believe financial freedom should be accessible to everybody.

How we work

We're a deliberately small, fully distributed team who have a lot of experience building apps. We value independence and have robust processes designed around remote work.  We follow an agile-ish approach and work in 6-week sprints, with 2-week breaks in-between.

About half of our team is based in Cape Town, South Africa, but we have people in Canada and the U.K. too. We don't care where you are in the world.

We're a pretty sociable and informal bunch, and you'd be welcome to join our online hangouts and daily standups if you like (when you're doing projects with us), or come post memes on our Slack with us, but there would be zero pressure to do this.

What we need

We have inconsistent design needs and we're looking for someone who's happy to pick up projects and just bill us based on the number of days they've spent working with us at the end of each month. We'll pay for some "onboarding" time at the beginning for you to familiarize yourself with our app. We're looking for a long-term relationship, but the work will be inconsistent: we estimate that we'll need between 2-10 days of your time a month, but that might evolve over time into a regular retainer.

We're looking for someone to be our go-to designer, and you'd be empowered to make bold design decisions about the direction of our app. We feel like our UI is currently clean and functional, but we'd love to build in more playfulness and joy. We need someone who can think about interactions and flows, not just static screens.

We don't have a full-time designer at the moment, just a product manager who knows a dangerous amount of Sketch (i.e. enough to have Opinions about symbol organisation but not enough to actually design beautiful screens). She's promised to trust your design instincts and not get in your way.

We value good communication over speed. We can usually wait a week or two for you to turn a project around, but we need you to communicate clearly with us about the status of projects at all times.

Our design stack is currently Sketch + Zeplin, but we've been considering moving over to Figma (we're happy with either). We use Github Issues to track our projects and would expect you to use this too. We use Slack for real-time communication.

We need you to be organised and practice good design hygiene (clearly labelled layers, symbols etc.) and make sure that your design files can always be picked up by someone else in an emergency.


If you think this might be the gig for you, please send your portfolio and some information about you to hello@lettuce.money. We'd need to see app UI design experience, ideally in fintech.

Also, please go ahead and tell us your day-rate upfront. We're not just going to pick the cheapest designer, promise (we're looking for a long-term partnership with someone we can trust to make our product better) but we're also a startup with small budgets, so we don't want to waste your time if you'll be out of our price range.