Come work with us

Are you a hacker? Obsessed with code? Interested in how we can make the global financial system fairer, better and more inclusive? Do you like an informal working environment, remote work, and a small team? Are you comfortable with uncertainty, and excited by the idea of very early-stage startups where you can play a major role in defining software architecture?

You might be the developer we’re looking for.

Drop us a mail to learn more.

Who we are

Lettuce builds products that bridge the old and new worlds of money. We believe that we’re living right at the edge of a revolution around how financial systems work, but that a lot of this innovation isn’t yet accessible for regular people. With our strong emphasis on design thinking, we aim to take powerful new innovations like the Bitcoin Lightning Network and put them to work in apps that even your dad can understand how to use. Our team has experience in cryptocurrency dating back to 2011 and long before that for fintech in general.

Some of the projects we have on the go include:

  • An app that helps you see a complete picture of all your money, whether it’s in a traditional bank account, investment portfolio, or on a blockchain. Over time, the app will let you turn on "if this, then that"-style rules to manage your money automatically.
  • Secure storage and management for crypto portfolios.
  • A simple yet sophisticated Bitcoin wallet that that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin, pay and get paid with the power of the Lightning network.

Our business has existed for three years and we already have active revenue lines. We’re still in the early stages of building and defining our products. We want you to be a crucial part of doing this.

Right now, Lettuce is primarily run by three experienced FinTech entrepreneurs: Simon Dingle (Luno, 22seven, Curve), Kenny Inggs (Microsoft, Twenty20, 22seven) and Sam Beckbessinger (Barclays, 22seven, Western Union). We also have some kickass support from other key people including Jacobus de Nysschen (CFO), Almo Lubowski (Legal) and Nic Haralambous (CoinInsider, Motribe, Nic Harry).

What your job will be

You will be working closely with our CTO, Kenny Inggs, to build out the products described above. Kenny is one of the most experienced technical brains in the country. He was Microsoft’s lead architect for the Middle East and Africa. He’s built core banking systems and been the CTO for multiple successful fintech startups (most notably 22seven and Twenty20).

You’ll be working across the whole stack, but with a focus on building out the core systems. At the moment, our stack is mostly AWS, Serverless, GraphQL, React and native iOS and Android but we’re pretty agnostic about frameworks and languages.

Expect to be part of a small, tightly-aligned team for the first year with us.

Who we're looking for

We’re looking for a mid-level developer. But if you’re an experienced dev and interested in everything we’ve said above, reach out to us and let’s talk anyway.

We don’t care if this will be your first development job, as long you can demonstrate a long history of coding/hacking stuff over the course of your lifetime.

We will hire for attitude, personality and aptitude over experience. It’s fine if you’ve never done anything like this before.

We will pay you a fair salary related to your experience level. Offerzen has some good data around average dev salaries in Cape Town if you have no idea what to expect.

We need someone with a hacker mentality who loves to learn.

We will prefer it if you’re interested in cryptocurrencies or the world of finance more broadly. Your job will be more fun if you care about what you’re building.

We don’t give half a shit whether or not you have a degree.

Work culture

We are a small team. The founders are close friends who hang out together, have meetings while hiking, and drink beer a lot. The culture is about as informal as it comes, but we still demand excellent work from each other.

We don’t care when or how much you’re in the office as long as you get stuff done. However, we would like you to spend some time at the office every now and then because we value face-to-face conversations and hanging out.

Interested? Drop us a mail to learn more.